Support in fighting against Acute Leukemia

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Support in fighting against Acute Leukemia

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:37 am

My dear friends,
here starts my story... my name is Irina, I am 28 years old and come from Moldova. I always was very active, friendly, funny girl, working as journalist in the economic magazine „Business Class“ Chisinau, Moldova. I like my work, fresh air and gym, travelling with my friends and family members. This year I enjoyed a wonderful hobby with my sister – I started to dance Zumba. But now as it turned out, all this nice things are not possible for me anymore. On the fifth of May this year I got the bad news, doctor pronounced I have acute leukaemia. Some days later on the eighth of May I was taken off to hospital by emergency ambulance. It happened all too quick, I was completely rundown. So, since May I started new life, I stopped to work, I stopped to dance, I stopped to travel... Since almost 5 months I live in hospital having long-term therapy, a lot of pills, injections, chemotherapies. From May till August I had 13 high-dose chemotherapies, which had not just medicinal effect but also a bad influence on all my internal organs (liver, kidney, gallbladder, stomach and many others). I start soon the second course of my therapy, which will last very long time and I’ll have at least 12 chemotherapies. I‘ll have also one more, the third course of my therapy. As I wrote before the active therapie cures one thing but causes another. So, after my long term therapy I should have healing period in different convalescent hospitals. To get back to my normal life, to continue working, travelling, dancing Zumba I need your help. My family is always with me, they support and help me, but we have heavy expenses and it’s just beginning. I need also your support to be able to continue this difficult therapy and healing period.
I am very sorry for asking for your help, it’s difficult for me, as I always tried to help to other people and not to ask. Unfortunately this time I am opposite...
I really appreciate any help you can provide and wish you all good health.

With love,

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